Life Care Planners in the Legal Arena

legal nurse consultantsLife care planners are medical professionals who help establish a long-term plan for patients who have suffered a catastrophic injury, have a chronic disease, or are dealing with any other type of long term disability. This involves many factors, which makes the job of life care planners a multifaceted one that hones their analytical and research skills.

Life care planners often tasked with reviewing patients’ medical records and conducting extensive research on their circumstances to help establish a variety of timelines, including the length of medical treatment, the total cost of treatment, and the expected outcomes of said treatment. Life care planners also take lifestyle expectations and general cost of living estimates into account to paint a complete picture and deliver an effective life care plan.

How Do Life Care Planners Lend Their Expertise to Attorneys?

Given their skill set and areas of specialization, life care planners are often invaluable allies for attorneys and case managers, as they can provide insight on matters such as what an appropriate settlement looks like in a given case, whether there are any future or ongoing costs and medical needs, and more. They can help determine concrete numbers that take various important factors into consideration in situations that are otherwise unclear.

Life care planners are recognized by the courts as subject matter experts and are often asked to provide expert testimony in order to educate a jury and help move the court towards a resolution where a verdict or award is handed out. Like other legal nurse consultants, they are relied upon by legal professionals to provide medical expertise in cases where such insight is critical to the circumstances at hand.

Need the Assistance of a Life Care Planner?

With extensive medical knowledge and unmatched research and analytical skills, life care planners provide assistance to attorneys in every stage of a case, from preparation to litigation/mediation and even within the courtroom via delivery of expert testimony.

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