Medical Chronologies in Medical Malpractice Cases

legal nurse consultantsWhen it comes to medical malpractice cases, just like other personal injury cases, the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff. This can be difficult for many, as medical malpractice cases often involve complex medical issues. The fact of the matter is, most people cannot be reasonably expected to wield the robust type of medical expertise required to back up their claims.

This is where medical chronologies can play a pivotal role. A medical chronology is a detailed type of report which illustrates all pertinent information via a timeline. These are generally prepared by qualified experts such as legal nurse consultants, and relied upon by attorneys to strengthen the basis behind medical malpractice allegations.

How Legal Nurse Consultants Help With Medical Chronologies

As qualified medical professionals, legal nurse consultants are able to research, interpret, and evaluate key medical data and facts. They are able to parse large amounts of medical data, analyze timelines to identify patterns, link these patterns and other facts to the case at hand, play an active role in depositions and trials, and more.

Legal nurse consultants rely on their in-depth medical knowledge to formulate medical chronologies which highlight key facts in a variety of formats, including tables, documents, and videos. This is what makes attorneys rely on medical nurse consultants when dealing with medical malpractice cases.

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