Neglect and Bedsores: How Understaffing Can Hurt Your Loved Ones

legal nurse consultantsUnderstaffing is a significant problem in many nursing homes and other extended care facilities, particularly those that are trying to squeeze every last penny and maximize profits. Unfortunately, residents are the ones who usually pay the price, as understaffing has been shown to be the biggest cause behind neglect and abuse.

For this post, we’re looking at bedsores, a common type of nursing home injury that is both serious and totally preventable. When it comes to loved ones staying in nursing homes, the best way to protect them is to know the signs and remain vigilant about their condition and overall well-being, as well as the way in which the nursing home facility is run by staff.

Bedsores: Completely Preventable Injuries

Bedsores are a type of skin infection that can pose serious risks to an individual’s health, especially when it comes to older patients. They can occur at the surface of the skin and within deeper layers of tissue. Bedsores are caused by loss of circulation and oxygen to the affected area, something that commonly occurs when weight and pressure are constantly applied to any given area. Once enough time has passed, skin cells rapidly begin to die and the wound becomes infected, Worse yet, the wound can rapidly spread to other areas and eventually lead to serious complications or death.

Bedsores can be easily prevented by movement and activity that promotes circulation, something that nursing home staff are responsible for. Unfortunately, moving, adjusting, and repositioning patients is a time-consuming process, especially when it comes to fully immobilized patients. Nursing home facilities that are trying to save money (which includes most of them) are often understaffed, which leaves employees with less resources to work with. In these cases, activities designed to promote circulation are the first to be neglected. In fact, bedsores are almost always a sign of poor or inadequate care and understaffing, which is why we implore people to pay attention to the well-being of their elderly loved ones. Always keep an eye out for bedsores, bruises, unexpected injuries, and other signs of abuse or neglect.

How Legal Nurse Consultants Help You Fight Against Abuse and Neglect  

The civil justice system in the U. S. helps victims of neglect and abuse hold facilities and staff accountable for their actions. Restitution is often sought via litigation, where personal injury attorneys and different types of medical professionals work together to prove the victim’s case and help him/her receive the compensation that is rightfully theirs.

As trained medical professionals, legal nurse consultants lend their expertise by conducting research, analyzing medical records, preparing detailed reports, and offering expert testimony on a variety of personal injury matters. They help identify bedsores and other signs of abuse or neglect, and are invaluable in proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that an individual is being victimized by malicious or simply overworked staff members.

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