Nursing Home Facilities Shrug Off Fines, Fail to Improve Patient Care

legal nurse consultantsMany people trust the care of their loved ones to nursing home facilities without giving it much thought. After all, there are safety standards and regulations that they need to follow, right? Well, it might come as a nasty shock for many to learn that while there are certainly standards and laws in place for nursing home facilities, these are enforced weakly and largely toothless.

For example, after much debate that centered on a ban for anonymous complaints towards nursing home facilities, the Attorney General in Pennsylvania recently performed a year-long audit on the use of fines and other penalties in place to ensure that nursing home facilities address complaints.

The results were bleak: most complaints were simply shrugged off due to evidence, reliance on testimony from nursing care facility staff, and lack of follow-through from inspectors. Worse yet, in those rare cases where punitive action and fines were levied towards facilities, it was found that these penalties were insignificant and largely shrugged off by offending nursing home facilities. This means that those looking to have their grievances addressed must rely on litigation to seek compensation and actually have an effect on the quality of care that is provided.

How Legal Nurse Consultants Help Back Claims of Neglect and Abuse

As trained medical experts, legal nurse consultants are able to lend strength to any claim of abuse or neglect via irrefutable evidence. They often work with plaintiffs, victims of nursing home abuse, and attorneys to help build a case, and rely on their in-depth medical knowledge to identify signs of abuse such as bruises and malnourishment, conduct research on relevant matters, generate reports, provide expert testimony, and more.

Legal nurse consultants are a critical part of any legal team, and their expertise makes them valuable allies when it comes to cases involving nursing home neglect and abuse. If you suspect that a loved one is suffering abuse or neglect under the care of a nursing home facility, do not hesitate to contact us at Legal Nurse Consultants USA, LLC. Call us at 877.211.7562 at your earliest convenience to speak with a qualified legal nurse consultant.