Solving the Mystery of the Vape Lung Disease Epidemic

legal nurse consultantsWith over 1200 cases across the nation, the CDC agrees: the vape lung diseases and disorders affecting vape users is an epidemic. To date, 26 vape users have died from these complications, and over a thousand have been hospitalized.

What’s especially alarming is that the mystery behind vape lung diseases and disorders has not been solved. No one knows the “why,” but the CDC and plenty of researchers have jumped on the task. Over the last few months, they’ve identified a few potential sources of this epidemic.

This is instrumental in helping avoid future cases, and it opens up the pathway to ensuring that those responsible are held accountable for their negligence and wrongful actions. 

Why Are Vapes Causing Vape Lung Diseases?

Medical professionals who treat vape lung diseases often discover oily fluids in patients’ lungs. They also commonly report scarred lungs, or lungs that look as if they’ve experienced chemical burns. 

There’s no clear culprit behind these symptoms, but researchers have identified two common variables that are shared across many cases: vitamin E in oil form and cyanide along with other dangerous heavy metals.

Vitamin E: This September, health officials at the New York State Department of Health identified vitamin E acetate as a chemical of concern. Used to “thicken” oil, vitamin E is normally harmless. When inhaled, however, it can clog up users’ lungs and lead to many of the symptoms associated with vape lung disease.

Cyanide and Heavy Metals: These sets of potential culprits were recently identified. Vape users can be potentially exposed to cyanide, which occurs when myclobutanil, a common vape additive, is burned. Likewise, many users rely on cheap batteries and other components to heat up their vape oil. This often exposes them to heavy metals and other dangerous toxic fumes.

LNCs Work to Uncover Clues about Vape Lung Diseases

As we acquire more knowledge about the root causes behind vape lung diseases, many are moving towards pursuing criminal and civil penalties against those behind dangerous or defective vapes. This movement involves countless legal and medical professionals, including legal nurse consultants.

As medical experts well-versed in the legal arena, we have the ability to interpret facts and make connections in cases involving illnesses, injury, and other health topics. Our expertise is invaluable in demonstrating the clear connection between a victim’s vape use and his/her symptoms, compiling key facts and presenting reports, offering expert testimony in a courtroom, and more. 

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