Thank You to All Healthcare Professionals & Workers on the Front Lines

legal nurse consultantsToday, we want to dedicate this post to thanking all essential workers and everyone else who is placing themselves on the front lines against COVID-19. We’re tremendously grateful for people such as healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, auto mechanics, and many more who are working to ensure that we all have our basic needs met. 

To further show our gratitude, we want to spend some time going over some of the risks they are exposing themselves to for our collective sake. We hope this helps others understand how essential these members of society have always been, even before the pandemic struck. 

First Responders

First responders such as police officers, parademics, firefighters, and sanitation workers place themselves at risk on a regular basis. These days, in addition to the usual hazards, first responders must continue being available for any situation. In other words, they don’t get the luxury of choosing to quarantine like many of us do. 

On top of exposing themselves by having to go to potential contagious hot spots, first responders have struggled to get essential equipment such as PPE and the proper support that this situation demands. Despite this, they continue reporting to the front lines, offering essential services during any hour of the day.

Healthcare Workers & Professionals

Healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors, sanitation workers, and office staff serve as the primary offensive line against COVID-19. This means that their exposure is incredibly high, given that they are working firsthand with patients suffering from COVID-19.

To further compound this, many healthcare workers have been let down by their governing agencies, both at the hospital level and at the national level. Many report that they are not outfitted with PPE and other essential safety measures, and that they are being discouraged from speaking out against unsafe practices. As of today, there are over 6,000 healthcare workers who have contracted COVID-19, and the deaths are in the dozens. 

The vital role that healthcare workers play in the fight against COVID-19 cannot be understated. We should all do everything we can to facilitate their efforts, whether this means staying at home no matter what or even practicing better cleaning and safety practices to help minimize the spread.

All Essential Workers & Others on the Front Lines

These two groups only account for a portion of the workers who expose themselves and their loved ones to COVID-19 on a daily basis. We also want to recognize all grocery store workers, delivery drivers, restaurant workers, construction workers, and anyone else who has been deemed essential or continues providing us with valuable services during such uncertain and scary times. 

Once again, thank you for providing us with vital supplies, services, and care. We recognize the personal risk that every worker contends with on a daily basis and are eternally grateful for your courage and support.

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